One homeowner’s river-front vision made possible by a performance-based wastewater system

The owner of the home pictured here was denied permits to build a second-story extension to his existing home because there was not enough room to expand his wastewater drainfield to cover the added load required by the planned addition's square footage, at least, not by using normal septic system specifications. Due to governmentally mandated waterfront setbacks, along with a required setback from his neighbor’s property, the drainfield size needed would be larger than the space available on his lot. Although the existing home boasts of spectacularly beautiful river views on three sides, it is sandwiched onto a limited-sized lot, limiting his potential to expand his home to meet his needs.

AWWE designed and replaced his existing standard septic system with a performance-based wastewater system which reduced the CBODs, Suspended Solids, Total Nitrogen,Total Phosphorous and Fecal Coliform Bacteria to such low levels that it was possible to reduce the required drainfield size and split it into different shapes, allowing the additional square-footage of the second-story extension to pass the permitting process and be built.

The homeowner’s contractor was able to complete construction which increased the home’s resale value by more than a million dollars. This made replacing his old septic system with an AWWE prerformance-based system well worth the effort. The property owner now has a home large enough to meet his family’s needs and a sizable increase in his property’s value.

None of this would have been possible without a performance-based wastewater system.


river-front residence

This scenic property is hemmed in on three sides by water, and by a neighbor on the fourth. Note the small circular rose garden next to the front walkway. Even this space was used for additional drainfield space, which also serves to keep the roses watered.

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